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Installing Kubernetes on Bare Metal with the New Open Source Stacki Pallet for Kubernetes

Joe Kaiser – Director of Open Source Engineering, StackIQ

Wed, Feb 22, 2017 11AM PT

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StackIQ released an open source Stacki Pallet for Kubernetes in January 2017. Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

In this webinar, Joe Kaiser, Director of Open Source Engineering at StackIQ, will demo how to build a Kubernetes cluster using the Stacki Pallet for Kubernetes. The Pallet runs on the Stacki framework giving you a functioning Kubernetes cluster with a kubernetes-dashboard deployment if you request it.

If you’d like to try it out before the webinar, view the documentation for the Pallet on the GitHub repo and download the following ISOs (MD5 checksum & MD5 checksum) to your frontend:

Introduction to Stacki

Joe Kaiser – Director of Open Source Engineering, StackIQ

Wed, Mar 8, 11:00 am PST

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In this webinar, attendees will learn the basics of Stacki and watch a basic install of a Stacki cluster. Joe will also go over some new things in Stacki and what the StackIQ engineering team is currently working on.

Networking Tips & Tricks: Multi-subnet, VLANs, Bonding, and More

Joe Kaiser – Director of Open Source Engineering, StackIQ

Wed, Apr 12, 11:00 am PST

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Stacki, as it is initially installed, will quickly install as many machines as you need with intelligent default settings. But it is rare that your environment requires default settings. You may have complex network topologies, policies about what you can and can’t do, VLANs, more subnets than you want, IPMI, bonded interfaces, and virtual machines.

In this webinar, Joe will show you how to do bonding, VLANS, talk to your IPMI, add multiple networks, and PXE boot off of those, and deal with the potential muddle DNS can be. He’ll also cover what you need to do to massage your backend networks into place – most of which can be done without a reinstall.

Past Webinars


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Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to set up Stacki, the HDP Bridge pallet, Ambari, and then install Hadoop on a running cluster.

How Salesforce Integrates Stacki & Chef

In this recorded webinar, Dave Peterson, Lead Systems Engineer at Salesforce, explains how he used Stacki & Chef together to automate his 1600+ node environment.


Install Kubernetes on Stacki

Install and deploy a small Kubernetes stack on bare metal, using Stacki and Salt from SaltStack.


Building datacenters with Stacki and Ansible

See how Stacki and Ansible work together to provide complete datacenter automation.

Creating a Virtual Stacki Environment with Vagrant

Learn how to rapidly spin up and test drive Stacki in a VM — no need to go through the install process.


Stacki Bare Metal CoreOS Demo

Joe Kaiser of StackIQ demonstrates using Stacki to install CoreOS on bare metal, talking about caveats and the power Stacki brings to installation automation.

Customizing your Stacki Backend Nodes with Carts

In this webinar, Anoop Rajendra explains how to build a simple Cart in a few minutes.

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