Use Cases

Hundreds of customers use Stacki’s powerful bare metal provisioning abilities to build, refresh or transform data centers, build training or test labs, and stamp out hundreds of appliances with great speed and accuracy.

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Build thousands of hardware & software appliances in parallel.

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Big Data

Build and manage Hadoop, Spark, or other Big Data clusters.

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Provision and manage containers on bare metal with ease.

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DC Rollout & Refresh

Install or refresh racks of hardware from power-on to ready-to-install apps.

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Integrate with any config management tool to provision the full stack of bare metal to apps.

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Install and update thousands of servers in the same amount of time it takes to install one.

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Lab Automation

Automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of infrastructure for QA & Training purposes.

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Private Cloud

Provision and manage your OpenStack or other private cloud clusters running on bare metal.

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