Automate With Spreadsheets

Stacki takes advantage of CSV-formatted files that tell the Stacki server about your backend servers, allowing Stacki to perform the installations.

Disable Firewall

Stacki installs a host firewall on each backend server, and configures the firewall to allow traffic on the private subnet.

The Basics of Networking

Creating networks in the Stacki server, and adding NICs to backend servers that make use of those networks.

Working With Attributes

Using Stacki to install many servers is as easy as installing Stacki on one of the servers. We’ll cover Attributes that allows massive customization of server installations.

Server Management With Remove

Routes and even hosts come and go in the network, and whatever management systems are in use need to be able to incorporate these changes.

Stacki Networking Tutorial Part 2

There is a lot in Stacki to deal with the networking component of servers. This tutorial is aimed at covering some of those additional bits.

Stacki Functionality: Parallel Installer

In this tutorial, we explain one of the ways that Stacki manages to be the fastest bare metal installation tool available by covering our massively parallel installer.

Stacki Install

At user request, we are taking a step back and presenting this short tutorial showing how to initially install and configure the Stacki server. This tutorial shows how fast Stacki can be configured in any given environment

Stacki Tutorial for Puppet

Stacki can be used with any configurations management tool. This tutorial goes over the basics of installing clusters with Stacki & Puppet

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