Easy Server Provisioning

Stacki is the easiest server provisioning tool to get started with. Start in the morning, and you will have servers installed, up and running, by the end of the day – probably by lunch, depending upon your schedule.

Don’t take our word for it. Here is the quick start guide – give it a try and see for yourself.

For more detail and advanced functionality, check out these resources:


Don’t be fooled – Stacki is easy to get started with but is a comprehensive solution set. This short introduction doesn’t begin to touch on what users have done – and you can do – with Stacki.
But here’s the quick start checklist.

Short Getting Started Video

Full Demo of Stacki Video

Process of installation

1. Download the ISO here.

2. Burn to DVD or USB (optional for physical servers)

3. Put the disk in, set boot to DVD or USB, and boot up the server, install will automatically begin.

4. Answer a few questions about your network.

5. Let it install.

6. Log in as root with the password you provided.

7A. If using discovery for backend machines, run insert-ethers.

7B. If installing specific machines, upload a spreadsheet instead.

8. Set machines that will be installed to boot from PXE (varies by make/model, but set the boot sequence to NIC first).

9. Reboot the machines to be installed.

10. Go on a (short) break.

11. Come back to working servers!

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