Automation of Large-scale Infrastructure

When you’re deploying hundreds or even thousands of servers, you cannot leave anything to manual configuration and scripts if you want your cluster up quickly (and correctly). To effectively manage your applications for these large environments, automation is needed from the first step of configuring your RAID controllers to the last step of deploying and configuring large-scale applications. Stacki and Puppet together create a solution to automate each step without manual work.

After the RAID controller configuration is set up via spreadsheets, Stacki installs the OS, configures the OS, and configures the networking. Puppet takes over from here to deploy and provision your system hardening, middleware, and applications. If you’d like to use the open source tools to customize your infrastructure further, you can create a Cart that tells Stacki how to specifically set up the Puppet servers. To get started, download the correct Stacki ISO here, and read through this tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to build a Puppet Cart.

Complete Provisioning of Rack-and-Stack Hardware

With Stacki Pro and Puppet Enterprise, customers are able to take their automation a step further with more features and advanced customizations. Puppet Enterprise is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your infrastructure – no matter where it runs. Puppet Enterprise has all of the magic of open source Puppet along with the added capabilities of orchestration, role-based access control, full portability, reporting and compliance allowing you to fully automate your application stack. Stacki Pro gives you more monitoring capabilities with a GUI and allows you to use advanced features, such as booting with UEFI and deploying Ubuntu servers.


With Stacki Pro, customers can use a Pallet built by StackIQ to install and configure a Puppet Enterprise agent on a control machine, including assigning a Puppet role enabling Puppet Enterprise to fully configure the control machine in a single step. Together, rack-and-stack servers can go from power on to fully deployed in minutes with no manual steps. Stacki Pro and Puppet Enterprise customers receive dedicated support from the StackIQ and Puppet engineering teams, assuring that their clusters will always be running properly.

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