Automate the provisioning and re-provisioning of Linux infrastructure in any labs quickly.


QA, performance, and training labs require frequent provisioning and re-provisioning of infrastructure.

Stacki provides fast and accurate provisioning and updates of bare metal, operating systems, and other software to automate your lab environments.


Automated Bare Metal Provisioning

Install hundreds of machines at the same time using ISOs, RPMs, and dynamically generated kickstart files.

Server Reinstallation

Reinstall servers to return them to a good known state – can include not wiping data drives.

Script-Free Storage Configuration

Automate the configuration of your RAID controllers and partitioning of your heterogenous commodity hardware.

CLI or Spreadsheet Input of Target Servers

In addition to discovering servers over the network, Stacki allows input of target server information such as IP and hostname.

Why Stacki for your Lab Automation?

With Stacki, you can install thousands of nodes in a new data center in minutes, from power-on to ready to install applications.

Stacki automatically discovers servers and storage on the network and brings them to a ping and prompt.

Stacki integrates with popular configuration management tools for full stack automation, allowing you to provision bare metal, operating systems, drivers, middleware, containers, and applications.

Refresh nodes with software or firmware updates in parallel for quick and reliable lab automation.

“I’m using Stacki at home to provision my classroom servers for a Linux class I teach. Stacki allows me to reprovision hardware for different lessons. Previously I was using Cobber which is ok, but difficult to work with.”

Christian L.

Lab Manager, Cloud Provider

How Flex uses Stacki to set up Racks of Servers

Stacki is a key component of the Flexbench Rack Scale Automation System at Flex. Stacki is used to set up Ciii servers for performance testing prior to being delivered to their ISV customers such as Infoblox, FireEye, Nimble Storage, Palo Alto Networks, Arista, Tintri, Violin, etc.

Stacki PXE boots all the servers, installs the proper operating systems, as well as Open SSH, with the appropriate private and public keys, and gets the servers to a state where other applications can be loaded on to them.

Validation Tests with Stacki Pro

Stacki Pro has purpose-built cluster validation tests and outlier detection to make sure you can properly diagnose any degraded performance issues right away. Analytics can be run as needed and provide comparative information about servers managed by the Stacki frontend, providing you insight into each of the machines in your lab.


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