Integrated Solutions

Stacki integrates with leading hardware and software platforms to provide full stack automation for containers, big data, and other enterprise applications.

Stacki provisions your bare metal infrastructure and also installs the configuration management platforms so that you can install and manage your hardware and software stack easily and reliably.

Integrations with Configuration Management Solutions

Ansible and Stacki complement each other perfectly. Stacki begins by installing the hardware and operating system. Stacki then installs the Ansible tools and hands the server off to Ansible for complete application provisioning. The merged toolset offers everything required to take your servers from uninstalled to running applications that are completely configured. By pairing Stacki and Ansible together, you are able to provision your application infrastructure from the ground up again and again with the same ease and consistency each time.

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With Stacki and Chef, no part of your infrastructure is left unautomated. Stacki takes care of the bare metal provisioning, RAID configuration, BIOS configuration, etc. After Stacki creates a working “kitchen”, Stacki hands off to Chef to the Chef Server to deploy the cookbooks and communicate with the nodes running the Chef Client that make sure your systems are at the desired state.

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With Stacki Pro and Puppet Enterprise, customers are able to take their automation a step further with more features and advanced customizations. Puppet Enterprise is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your infrastructure – no matter where it runs. Stacki gives you more monitoring capabilities with a GUI and allows you to use advanced features such as booting with UEFI and deploying Ubuntu servers.

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