With Stacki, you can deploy and manage thousands of
machines for any workload in minutes.


Installing hyperscale clusters can be complex and time-consuming. Stacki’s Parallel Installer installs thousands of servers in nearly the same amount of time as a small cluster. We have customers who provision and manage clusters of 3000+ nodes with Stacki. 


Automated Bare Metal Provisioning

Install hundreds of machines at the same time using ISOs, RPMs, and dynamically generated kickstart files.

Multiple Network Configuration

Configure multiple network interfaces, multiple network types, and authenticated SSH password-less access to boot.

Script-Free Storage Configuration

Automate the configuration of your RAID controllers and partitioning of your heterogenous commodity hardware.

CLI or Spreadsheet Input of Target Servers

In addition to discovering servers over the network, Stacki allows input of target server information such as IP and hostname.

Why Stacki for Hyperscale Automation?

Whether it is one node or a thousand, Stacki installs them with the same effort in the same amount of time.

Stacki shares a development history with the open source cluster management project – Rocks – the de facto HPC cluster management software.

Stacki integrates with popular configuration management tools for full stack automation, allowing you to provision bare metal, operating systems, drivers, middleware, containers, and applications.

With Stacki Pro, update thousands of nodes with software or firmware updates for quick and reliable refresh of hyperscale environments.


Customer Case Study

Stacki initially provisioned 6 racks of bare metal servers (300 nodes) for PayPal in just 14 minutes!

The install included:

  • Wiping all 3500 drives and fully partitioning and formatting them
  • Upgrading all firmware
  • Executing Ansible scripts on all hosts
  • installing Hadoop packages
  • PayPal now manages thousands of nodes with Stacki.

Cluster Monitoring with
Stacki Pro

Manage your hyperscale environments more effectively with a server/cluster monitoring GUI that gives you visibility into the status of your infrastructure at all times. No matter how large your environment, you don’t have to worry about any server.

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