Stacki for Hortonworks

High-speed and reliable full stack automation for Hortonworks clusters.


Keep up with the demands of the applications team by installing or expanding your Hortonworks cluster. The Hortonworks Pallet fully installs Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) from bare metal, including setting up Ambari as ready to configure for starting HDP services on first boot.


Automated Bare Metal Provisioning

Install hundreds of machines at the same time using ISOs, RPMs, and dynamically generated kickstart files.

Multiple Network Configuration

Configure multiple network interfaces, multiple network types, and authenticated SSH password-less access to boot.

Script-Free Storage Configuration

Automate the configuration of your RAID controllers and partitioning of your heterogenous commodity hardware.

CLI or Spreadsheet Input of Target Servers

In addition to discovering servers over the network, Stacki allows input of target server information such as IP and hostname.

Why Stacki for Hortonworks?

Organizations of all types have been adopting the Hortonworks Data Platform to harness the power of big data. As these organizations continue to scale out their infrastructure, they want to automate as many of the installation and configuration steps as possible to save time and reduce complexity. Stacki is able to install, configure, and manage your Hortonworks cluster – from bare metal, to getting Ambari to a ready to configure state for starting HDP services on first boot.

Stacki Pro is the commercial version of Stacki and provides support and more features, such as support for a variety of Linux distributions, storage platforms, and an easy to use GUI.

Case Studies

  • How a financial services company used Stacki to install and manage a 363 node Hadoop cluster with heterogenous hardware.

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  • How a wireless operator used Stacki to install and manage a 400+ node Hadoop cluster with Cisco UCS and HP servers


Open Source Stacki Pallet for Hortonworks

With Stacki, you can add Pallets, including Hadoop, to expand the range of software available to backend nodes. Stacki enables the consistency and configuration required for a functioning Hadoop installation. The Stacki Pallet for Hortonworks enables the installation of Hortonworks through the Ambari appliance. With Stacki and this Pallet, you can automate your Hadoop cluster installs quickly and efficiently.

*Note: This Pallet does not currently work with RHEL/CentOS 6 frontends. You must have a RHEL/CentOS 7 frontend set up at this time.

Download the following ISOs (MD5 checksum & MD5 checksum) to your frontend and visit the Stacki-hdp-bridge GitHub repo for documentation:

If your frontend does not have internet connection, you will also have to download these ISOs (MD5 checksum):

Watch the recorded webinar on the right to see a demo of how you can build a Hadoop cluster with the Stacki Pallet for Hortonworks.

Cluster Monitoring with Stacki Pro

Go a step further with your Hadoop installs with Stacki Pro. Along with a server/cluster monitoring GUI that gives you visibility into the status of your infrastructure at all times, you have the option to use UEFI enabled servers and the option to install Ubuntu in additon to RHEL/CentOS.


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