Stacki for Docker

The Stacki Pallet for Docker gives you a fast and easy way to
install Docker with Docker Swarm on bare metal.


Bare metal provides improved performance and resource utilization for container deployments. The Stacki Pallet for Docker automates the installation and expansion of Docker containers on bare metal and allows you to go from bare metal to containers in one step.


Automated Bare Metal Provisioning

Install hundreds of machines at the same using ISOs, RPMs, and dynamically generated kickstart files.

Multiple Network Configuration

Configure multiple network interfaces, multiple network types, and authenticated SSH password-less access to boot.

Script-Free Storage Configuration

Automate the configuration of your RAID controllers and partitioning of your heterogenous commodity hardware.

Automated Installation & validation of Docker Swarm

In addition to installing bare metal, Stacki also invokes Docker Swarm to provide dramatic simplicity to Docker installations on bare metal.

Why Stacki for Docker?

Docker’s container platform is the industry’s most popular platform, with uses in multiple scenarios including in VMs and directly on bare metal. Running containers on bare metal ensures consistent performance for your applications along with dramatic improvement in resource utilization from removing the virtualization layer from the stack.

Stacki fully automates the installation of bare metal cluster environments for containers with near zero manual intervention. The open source Stacki Pallet for Docker installs Docker and/or Docker Swarm Mode allowing you to build or expand your high-performance container environments with ease. Stacki Pallets provide the convenience of a “line of sight” from the application all the way through to the underlying server cluster.

Stacki Pro is the commercial version of the open source bare metal provisioning tool, Stacki. Along with dedicated support, Stacki Pro comes with a monitoring GUI, UEFI support, and support for multiple Linux distributions.

Recorded Webinar: Docker on Bare Metal with Auto Deploy of Docker Swarm using the Stacki Pallet

Download the Open Source Stacki Pallet for Docker

With Stacki, you can add Pallets to expand the range of software available to backend nodes. Stacki enables the consistency and configuration required for a functioning Docker installation. The Stacki Pallet for Docker runs Docker Community Edition (17.03.0), has Docker Swarm mode baked in (installs and validates it automatically) and is TLS protected. If you are interested in just Docker and Docker Swarm Mode, this is the pallet for you.

Download the following ISOs (MD5 checksum & MD5 checksum) to your frontend and visit the GitHub repo for documentation:

If you would like to add monitoring capabilities to your frontend, download the following Prometheus Pallet and visit the GitHub Repo for documentation:

*Note: This Pallet does not currently work with RHEL/CentOS 6 frontends. You must have a RHEL/CentOS 7 frontend set up at this time.

Spreadsheet Customization with Stacki Pro

Go a step further with your Kubernetes container deployments with Stacki Pro. Bare metal hosts can be entered via spreadsheet, or auto-detected as they boot on the private network. Attributes describe the cluster at the global level, the appliance at the install type level, or the server at the host level. Machines that are online can be managed from the UI. When a given host is selected the graphs show usage of that particular host, instead of the overall cluster.

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