StackIQ helps customers automate the provisioning and management of small to large bare metal environments for a variety of use cases including big data, container deployment, building appliances, data center automation, and private cloud automation. StackIQ is the commercial entity behind the open source bare metal installer, Stacki. Stacki is a very fast and ultra reliable Linux server provisioning tool that takes systems from bare metal to a cluster-ready base install.



StackIQ products make bare metal provisioning scalable and easy for high performance, enterprise workloads. Whether 1 or 1000 nodes, Stacki Avalanche Installer can deploy them in minutes, leaving valuable time for IT to attend to other value enhancing work.


From configuring RAID arrays to installing a fully functional operating system, Stacki covers your complete infrastructure automation needs. Stacki builds host systems in a scalable, reliable manner so that bare metal deployment is as effortless as spinning up new or re-provisioned VMs.


Intended to seamlessly integrate with any configuration management tool (Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Salt, etc.), Stacki is an automation tool that serves as a key building block for modern data center application infrastructures. Stacki also automates installation of popular applications such as Hortonworks and Kubernetes.

Our Roots

StackIQ, Inc. was founded in 2006 to provide the commercial version of the open source cluster management software — Rocks. With more than a decade of growth and development, Rocks remains the defacto industry standard for managing high performance compute clusters. There are over a million nodes in more than 10,000 clusters under management by Rocks. Being open source, Rocks benefits from an active, growing, global community that shares ideas and contributes to the project. StackIQ is fortunate to have two of the original authors of Rocks leading the engineering team.

Our Customers

Our customer is the IT professional responsible for building and taking care of compute, storage, and network infrastructures that underlying large-scale applications. Over 150 customers rely on StackIQ to improve service levels, mitigate system outages and downtime, reduce operations time, and use the time saved to create new product and service offerings. Typical use cases include Big Data, private cloud, technical computing, and media encoding/transcoding.

Our Partners

Our hardware partners include the leading server manufacturers Cisco, Dell, and HP. Close collaboration ensures that our customers can take full advantage of the hardware capabilities. For operating systems, we partner with Red Hat and support RHEL and all derivative Linux distributions. We also partner with the best applications software vendors to ensure a completely integrated solution. Our Big Data partners include the foremost Hadoop innovators (Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR) and select NoSQL software providers, including DataStax. In cloud infrastructure, we integrate with the leading virtual machine software companies including Red Hat, VMware, and Citrix. In technical computing, we partner with the top workload manager software developers including Univa, Adaptive Computing, Altair, and others.

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