Complete End-to-End Provisioning

When you’re deploying thousands of nodes for Big Data and Private Cloud applications, you need reliable tools that can fully automate your infrastructure. The toolset of Stacki and Chef together creates this dynamic environment quickly allowing you to manage any infrastructure changes that come your way.

Chef is an open source tool that acts as a software agent that automates your infrastructure by turning it into code. Chef automates how the infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed across your network with cookbooks, but can only do this when the servers are provisioned properly. Stacki takes care of this step. Stacki makes sure the “kitchen” is set up correctly for the Chef servers to use their cookbooks.

A Working Kitchen

With Stacki and Chef, no part of your infrastructure is left unautomated. Stacki takes care of the bare metal provisioning, RAID configuration, BIOS configuration, etc. After Stacki creates a working “kitchen”, Stacki hands off to the Chef Server to deploy the cookbooks and communicate with the nodes running the Chef Client that make sure your systems are at the desired state.

If you want Chef completely integrated into your environment, you want to be able to log in with your own credentials (not as root). It’s not always enough to get a server up where you can SSH into a global root account. Stacki is able to provide this integration by actually running the Chef client and adding the appropriate Chef roles. This way, all low-level configuration is immediately applied and ready to go.

To get started with a basic Stacki/Chef installation, you can download the Stacki ISO at the top of this page. Once you have the correct ISO downloaded, follow the Stacki Documentation to get it set up. After your Stacki server is up and running, download Chef and follow along with the Chef Documentation.

Recorded Webinar: How Salesforce Integrates Stacki & Chef

Dave Peterson – Lead Systems Engineer, Salesforce
Seth Thomas – Technical Evangelist, Chef
Anoop Rajendra – Director, Enterprise SW Dev, StackIQ


Stacki & Chef allow you to create an environment that is unique to your infrastructure needs. When enterprise organizations need more customizations, they are able to create a Chef Cart that allows Stacki to set up each server exactly the way that is need for Chef. If organizations do not have the resources to set their specific needs in Chef up on their own, StackIQ will custom-develop a Chef Pallet with Stacki Pro. You can go beyond that with Chef Automate, which creates a pipeline for continuous delivery, compliance reports, and comprehensive visibility for troubleshooting, auditing, and management.

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