Announcing StackiFest 2017!

Join us!We are pleased to announce that our second annual Stacki user conference will be at San Francisco’s iconic Clift Hotel on April 27, 2017. StackiFest 2017 is a day-long conference for any Stacki users, partners, and others who want to learn more about modern...

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Why Containers are going “Bare”

Attend our webinar on Installing Kubernetes on bare metal on Feb 22nd!  Bare metal provisioning has become cool in IT circles again! This is in big part due to the popularity of big data and container deployments. Bare metal provisioning has always been a necessary...

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New Features in Stacki GUI

The Stacki dev team released Stacki 3.2 back in July updating the Stacki GUI in Stacki Enterprise and adding it to Stacki Pro. Since then, the team has added some new features improving the Stacki GUI even more. And in case you didn’t get a chance to trial Stacki Pro...

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HAL in the Datacenter

Full Datacenter Automation – minus the AI (for now) In Arthur C Clark’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL 9000 was the AI. Everyone knows that. But more relevant to todays’ automation efforts in the datacenter, HAL also controlled all the systems on the space ship. That, in...

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