With Stacki, enterprises can build large powerful appliances quickly helping your business keep up with the demands of your customers.


Keep up with the demands of your customers by building appliances quickly and accurately every time. Speed time to market from months to just a few hours with automation by Stacki.


Automated Bare Metal Provisioning

Install hundreds of machines at the same time using ISOs, RPMs, and dynamically generated kickstart files.

Multiple Network Configuration

Configure multiple network interfaces, multiple network types, and authenticated SSH password-less access to boot.

Script-Free Storage Configuration

Automate the configuration of your RAID controllers and partitioning of your heterogenous commodity hardware.

CLI or Spreadsheet Input of Target Servers

In addition to discovering servers over the network, Stacki allows input of target server information such as IP and hostname.

Why use Stacki to Build your Appliances?

Appliance vendors, such as Nokia, and electronic manufacturing services, such as Flex, use Stacki to build thousands of hardware appliances in parallel with great speed and reliability.

You can feed the appliance configuration (servers, network, storage, OS, software) into the Stacki frontend and Stacki will install systems in parallel.

Appliance vendors can speed time to market from months to hours by using Stacki to build appliances.

How Flex uses Stacki to set up Racks of Ciii Servers

Stacki is a key component of the Flexbench Rack Scale Automation System at Flex. Ciii serves their ISV customers such as Infoblox, FireEye, Nimble Storage, Palo Alto Networks, Arista, Tintri, Violin, etc.

Stacki PXE boots all the servers, installs the proper operating system, as well as OpenSSH, with the appropriate private and public keys, and gets the servers to a state where other applications can be loaded on to them.

Validation Tests with Stacki Pro

Stacki Pro has purpose-built cluster validation tests and outlier detection that make sure you can properly diagnose any degraded performance issues right away. Analytics can be run as needed and provide comparative information about servers managed by the Stacki frontend. This is a great way to find bottlenecks in your appliances before deployment.


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