Simple Automation with Stacki and Ansible

Operations needs to keep up with the requirements of business, respond to market events, and deliver a stable platform from which the business can run smoothly. Stacki and Ansible together provide that platform by enabling full stack automation. From configuring a RAID card to setting database information in the application, Stacki with Ansible will automate the process and allow operations to focus on the next big business goal. Watch this presentation from AnsibleFest SF 2016 to learn how the CloudLabs team at Flex uses Stacki and Ansible to automate their OpenStack environment.

Easy, Consistent, Repeatable

Ansible and Stacki complement each other perfectly. Stacki begins by installing the hardware and operating system. Stacki then installs the Ansible tools and hands the server off to Ansible for complete application provisioning. The merged toolset offers everything required to take your servers from uninstalled to running applications that are completely configured. By pairing Stacki and Ansible together, you are able to provision your application infrastructure from the ground up again and again with the same ease and consistency each time.

To get started, download the correct ISO at the top of this page and follow the Stacki Documentation.


For organizations that need a more customized infrastructure, Ansible and Stacki can be configured to work more closely together by creating a Cart that tells Stacki how to set up a machine for Ansible. With Stacki Pro, customers can use a Pallet to install and configure Ansible Tower on a control machine. Ansible can then run Playbooks retrieved via SCM endpoints, or Roles via Ansible Galaxy.

Check out these videos to learn more

How PayPal got 300 Nodes up in 14 Minutes

Watch Greg Bruno’s StackiFest16 presentation
to learn how PayPal built a hyperscale
management solution with thousands of nodes
using Stacki and Ansible.

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Building datacenters with Stacki and Ansible

Watch this recorded joint webinar to learn
how you can use Stacki to completely automate
your data center infrastructure
quickly and easily.

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