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Linux Provisioning

Open Source Stacki uses dynamically generated kickstart files rather than relying on golden images to install hundreds of machines nearly as quickly as it installs one. 

Parallel Installer

Fast installation of Linux across thousands of bare metal servers in parallel with the peer-to-peer Avalanche Installer.

Full Stack Automation

Go from bare metal to installed applications in one step, including storage (RAID controllers & partitioning), and networking (multiple network types).

Complete Automation with Stacki Pro

Get all of the functionality of Stacki plus added features and dedicated support
from the StackIQ engineering team making your installations even easier.

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Case Study: A financial services customer wanted to roll out a new data center with 363 new servers that were to be set up as a Hadoop cluster. After working for 4 months to install and configure the customer turned to Stacki. Stacki provisioned the new data center in two days.

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Server/Cluster Monitoring GUI

Along with the CLI and spreadsheet upload, Stacki Pro comes with a GUI that offers more flexible management and visibility into your infrastructure.

Asset Discovery and Inventory

Automated node discovery and intelligent asset management for installation of various flavors of Linux and software.

Hardware Management

Firmware updates and BIOS configuration management with the option to use UEFI when provisioning your systems.

Multiple Distribution Support

In addition to RHEL, CentOS, CentOS ARM, and Ubuntu, Stacki Pro has SLES support. Stacki Pro also gives you the ability to install clusters with several distributions from one Stacki frontend.

Integrated Solutions

Stacki integrates with leading hardware and software platforms to provide full stack automation for containers, big data, and other enterprise applications.


testimonial-quote Stacki having HP RAID controller support was a huge win for us.  There was was no way that my team was going to manually update the RAID configuration of 1600+ servers.

Dave Peterson

Lead Systems Engineer


testimonial-quote With Stacki, there really are no cons…Stacki gets your nodes into the state that’s ready for you to do what you need to do. For us it was executing Ansible playbooks.

Hugh Ma

Cloud Validation Developer


testimonial-quote The Stacki implementation did make for a quick deployment of our Hadoop cluster, which would have taken us longer if we used Puppet and Razor and did it ourselves.

Jason Vannest

Senior IT Manager

Abercrombie & Fitch

Stacki Users

Use Cases

Hundreds of customers and thousands of users leverage Stacki’s powerful bare metal provisioning abilities to automate DevOps environments, build, refresh or transform data centers, build training or test labs, and stamp out thousands of appliances with great speed and accuracy.

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