StackIQ Cluster Manager brings software-defined management to Linux clusters. It was designed from the ground up to deploy and manage infrastructure with complete automation. It leverages StackIQ’s industry-leading infrastructure management solution providing everything you need to install, configure, deploy, and manage commodity servers — right from bare metal. Using StackIQ Cluster Manager makes the job of maintaining a robust, production-grade private cloud, Hadoop, NoSQL, or HPC cluster more efficient than ever.


  • Complete lifecycle management of the entire cluster — Hardware, Operating System, Networks, and Disks
  • Flexible, automated system configuration for all Commodity Hardware
  • Script-free configuration and deployment
  • Peer-to-peer Avalanche Installer
  • Disk and Network Management
  • Extensibility via the Rocks “Rolls” Framework
  • Integration of Ganglia and additional Cluster Metrics
  • Point-to-Point Data Movement Visualization

Solution Stack

With StackIQ Cluster Manager, you won’t be left on your own to deal with any aspect of your cluster. We include all the software you need “in the box” to support the application of your choice on your hardware.


Reduced time to production — Choose the software you want, set key parameters, then sit back and let the parallel Avalanche installer build your cluster from bare metal. There is no faster way to go from pallet to production.

Ease of operation — The StackIQ Cluster Manager software provides all the tools you need to keep the cluster healthy and operating efficiently. Competing products do not integrate cluster services management with cluster configuration and deployment. StackIQ Cluster Manager handles your complete cluster environment from a single pane of glass, providing our users greater uptime, efficiency, and performance.

Extensibility — Modular architecture lets you customize your cluster to suit your particular needs. Our platform allows for the management of any application in your Big Data environment through the Open Source Rocks frame-work. A wide variety of software components are readily available, or you can build your own.

Reduced time to scale — When it’s time to scale out your cluster, StackIQ Cluster Manager makes it easy. Since the deployment and management engines were designed for scale, expanding your cluster or creating new ones at other locations is straightforward. No scripts to edit. No configuration guesswork.

Choice — Choose any cluster application or use case — StackIQ can handle them all.