StackIQ Synergy Partner Program

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The StackIQ Synergy Partner Program provides market differentiation, and opens new revenue opportunities. We provide the tools, training, support, and resources you need to advance your business.

Program members will benefit from the relationship, tools, and verified compatibility with StackIQ that reduces sales friction for solution sales.

Our Synergy partners  can spend less time preparing for sales calls because StackIQ Synergy provides sales support tools such as collaboratively developed case studies and white papers to document the effectiveness of partner solutions.  Partners can also expect shorter sales cycles resulting from the training StackIQ offers to our Synergy Partners sales teams. The certification gives prospective customers confidence that your solution and ours will work well together to solve the problem at hand. But why partner with StackIQ?

Here’s why — StackIQ is the only provider of full-stack big infrastructure automation that can integrate your product or service as part of the solution.

Our modular software architecture is designed to be extensible, so we can work with you to integrate your hardware or software into a comprehensive, full-stack solution for your customers. They can save time and money by installing, configuring, and managing their entire cluster using your integrated solution — from bare metal all the way up to the application.

Why partner with StackIQ?

  • StackIQ has a track record creating modules for partners in a number of different market segments including HPC, Big Data, and Cloud Computing
  • We’ve been building cluster-based solutions with partners for more than a decade
  • Our partners include some of the most influential players in their respective markets. We’ve helped them, and we can help you too.


Benefits of Partnership

  • StackIQ Synergy Certification Program
  • Inclusion in the StackIQ Synergy Showcase
  • Competitive Information
  • Co-branded Product Collateral
  • Presentation Slide Decks
  • White Papers
  • Training Courses
  • Marketing Support
  • Sales Support

Who Should Join

Technology Providers — Technology partners provide software or hardware solutions that work with StackIQ software to provide powerful solutions for our mutual customers. If you are a hardware manufacturer or a software vendor providing solutions in the Big Data, Cloud, or HPC arena, we’d love to have you on board.

Resellers — For those looking to expand their software product lines to meet the growing demand in Big Data, Cloud, and HPC cluster management, ask us about joining our Reseller partner network.

Service Providers — Systems Integrators, Solutions Providers, Consultants, and Training organizations play a key roll in any technology ecosystem. If you offer these services to you customers, then partnering with StackIQ could bring you more business, and more profit.

OEMs — StackIQ software has been integrated into, and become part of a number of solutions. If you are interested in building powerful cluster management software into your software solution, hardware platform, or appliance, our OEM program may be just what you’ve been looking for.


Ready to Join?

If you’d like to join the StackIQ Synergy Partner program, please click the button below to apply.